" Without community there is no liberation" - Audre Lorde​

One of our core values is to actively engage and support our local arts communities by creating and facilitating artistic experiences that enrich lives as well as support social, mental and economic wellbeing.

We believe in a multi-faceted, person focused approach to community engagement. We recognise the importance of meaningful and community engagement in creating inclusive and accessible spaces and believe that a well planned and executed community engagement strategy can lead to improved outcomes for marginalised communities within the arts and cultural industries. 


We recognise the power of the arts in evoking emotions, creating environments that encourage critical thinking and shifting perspectives. According to the Australian Council for the Arts* * 98% engage with the arts and more people recognise the positive impacts of the arts. Despite high levels of engagement and participation within the arts as research suggests, this number is not accurately reflective of experiences within communities of colour.


Due to barriers to access, research demonstrates that statistically First Nations* , Bla(c)k and POC community members don’t engage with arts and cultural programming when compared to counterparts identified as the dominant culture/ mainstream. Research conducted by Diversity Arts Australia suggests that levels of engagement and participation of Indigenous , Bla(c)k and POC (persons of colour) communities within the arts drops significantly due to several barriers to access and a belief that mainstream spaces are not for us.

*Disclaimer: The words ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’, ‘Blak’, ‘Indigenous’, ‘First Nations’ and ‘First Peoples’ are used interchangeably in our work and projects to refer to the 400+ First Nations language groups.  Irregular Fit understands the complexities in the use of these words and that some First Nations Peoples may not be comfortable with some of these words. We would also like to make known that only the deepest respect is intended with the use of these terms.





FEB - MARCH 2020





 This year at All About Women Irregular Fit has developed a community engagement strategy to help ensure the festival is an inclusive and accessible space for all people.

Community Engagement Specialists

Ayebatonye Abrakasa  - Ayebatonye has been working within the fields of community engagement and community development for over 7 years with an interest in fostering inclusive public participation practices and championing safety & empowerment for/of marginalised communities . Currently based at Anti Discrimination NSW, she has worked to provide community engagement on a national scale for Public Broadcaster SBS, and managed an engagement strategy for the first Women's March on Sydney in 2017. 

Georgia Mokak - Georgia is committed to developing safe and accessible spaces and resources, and to challenge the existing ideas around First Nations art and artists. She currently works at National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) leading national First Nations Engagement strategy. Prior to this role Georgia has worked for Sydney Festival, MCA, Performance Space, Solid Ground, Carriageworks, Force Majeure, and NITV, and has a double degree in Art History and Curatorship/Arts (Indigenous Studies) from ANU. 




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