Irregular Fit Program Launch, Nov 2019

Image credit: Danny Drax

*The words ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’, ‘Blak’, ‘Indigenous’, ‘First Nations’ and ‘First Peoples’ are used interchangeably on this website to refer to the 400+ First Nations language groups.  Irregular Fit understands the complexities in the use of these words and that some First Nations Peoples may not be comfortable with some of these words. We would also like to make known that only the deepest respect is intended with the use of these terms.

** We also recognise that the terms such as , Bla(c)k, CALD & POC do not accurately depict the difference of experience or racial hierarchies that exist within communities of colour, however without an alternate adequate term we use this term to explain the communities we work with.

Founded by Ayebatonye Abrakasa in August 2018  Irregular Fit is a collaborative interdisciplinary arts platform, led by Indigenous*, Bla(c)k and people of colour (BIPOC)  artists working to create a more sustainable and equitable future for artists of colour in arts and cultural industries.

Meaningful inclusion & engagement, equity,  empowerment, self- determination and enacting positive social change are at the centre of everything we do. With this in mind we do centre Indigenous, Bla(c)k and POC patrons first and foremost. We are dedicated to creating safer, accessible spaces for our communities and aim to remain cognisant of the many intersections within the afore mentioned identities.


By working to facilitate safer creative environments and by providing opportunities for  emerging and existing artists/creatives from backgrounds to showcase work/build capacity we believe we can expand the Australian arts and cultural  landscape and contribute to a shift in culture that replaces deep ceded colonial and elitist attitudes with meaningful and critically considered inclusion which in turn will lead to a more equitable creative industry.

Our Vision


  • INTRODUCE new ideas, expand understanding of race, class, sexuality, gender identity, ability and age through creative means.

  • EMPOWER First Nations, Bla(c)k and POC artists and audiences  by developing platforms for them to showcase their works, championing cultural safety through community engagement and ensuring accessibility through all our endeavours.

  • ACTIVELY ENGAGE and support our local arts communities by creating new artistic experiences that enrich lives as well as support social, mental and economic wellbeing.

  • CONTRIBUTE to the robust and vibrant cultural life within locally and internationally creating new avenues of entertainment & knowledge exchange and meaningful engagement with the Australian and international arts and cultural industries. artists from diverse artistic backgrounds and develop platforms for them to showcase their works.




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